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Grenada Tourism Authority
Main Street, Hillsborough, Carriacou
Phone: +1 (473) 443-7948
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Head Office
Grenada Tourism Authority
Burns Point, St. George's
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Festival Testimonials

Mr. Winston Fleary, Carriacou

The Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music festival is the key note for the new dimension of folk life and folk way activities, not only to inform Carriacouans but the world. It highlights the essence of capturing the deep creativity of people with native ability, closely aligned with themselves, their environment and with the world. Music has always been the tool for universal expression of a language spoken by every heart which encapsulates the drum beat in the human breast. Come to Carriacou and experience the unfathomable depth in this festive activity.

Mr Frantz Broussillon, Guadeloupe

"I have been particularly impressed by the organization, contents and spiritual quality of the Maroon Heritage Festival in Carriacou."

Mr. Anthony Jericho Greenidge - Popular Radio Personality.

"Being a part of the 2010 Carriacou Maroon Festival was a rewarding and exciting experience. I can only see it growing from strength to strength and I will use my influence on the radio to positively encourage all, both at home and abroad to be a part of this unique festival on our beautiful Sister Isle Carriacou."

Mr. Lingham Samuel - Division Manager - George F. Huggins & Company Gda Ltd.

"I think that the festival is a great idea that has lots of potential. When one examines the various other musical festivals in the Caribbean there is clear evidence that they are loosing stamina and lacking certain desirable material. The Carriacou festival was to me a new, exciting, refreshing edition that has the capacity to expand in a manner that would keep Carriacou on the map. In my view, the idea of combining a mix of musical expressions with the rich culture of the island is a recipe that can truly elevate the status of Carriacou in a very special and compelling manner."

Ms. Jemma Jordan - Announcer, Presenter - Radio Trinbago - Trinidad & Tobago

"Firstly, allow me to extend congratulations for a wonderful festival. The hospitality of the Grenada Board of Tourism was exemplary and most appreciated. The event itself was a real blaster. The opportunity enabled me to witness the love and camaraderie of the various string bands. It left me extremely pleased. I can only see it getting bigger and better because I know that as it matures, even more bands will be invited to share their versatile musical skills. The fact that each band presented something different and the idea to have the various shows at different venues every day have all contributed to making this a truly wonderful and successful merging of diverse musical interpretations. Congratulations again!"

Pat Henry - Proprietor at Coconut Beach Restaurant

"I think it will be the festival to be! All you need is to ensure that some logistical things like more food and accommodation are guaranteed. It is fresh! - It's new and natural. The atmosphere was simply out of this world. To me it promoted a great feeling. And trust me, this is coming from someone that has visited festivals in many countries in the Caribbean and further afield. Nobody has this. We need to hold it, refine it, and keep it fresh by making sure that every year we can attract top string bands from wherever they may be."

Mrs. Gloria O'Neal, Lance Aux Epines, St. George's

"From what I saw and experienced, I think that there is tremendous potential for this festival to become one of the most attractive in the Caribbean. I think however that some thought should be given to probably lessening the number of cultural items at the Bel Air Park, and instead place more emphasis on highlighting and featuring the uniqueness of the individual instruments like the guitar, banjo, and others. I believe that in moving forward the producers should consider relocating the Saturday morning 'Strings in the City' package to the said Vendors Market thereby avoiding the congestion that was realized during that wonderful three-hour musical treat."