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Participating Bands

  • Zenaida Productions – St Lucia
  • Lapo Kabwit – St. Lucia
  • Hands of Rhythms – Tobago
  • Lashing Dogs- Tortola, BVI
  • Bayside Boys- Carriacou
  • Brother Resistance - Trinidad
  • Country Boys - Carriacou
  • Tivoli Drummers - Grenada
  • Ghetto Youth- Carriacou
  • Men From The Main Land - Grenada
  • WHIM - Tobago
  • CCO Big Drum - Carriacou
  • BBH Serendars-Carriacou
  • Folk Life Institute -Carriacou

The 2010 Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival- A Big Success

May 14th, 2010

Photo from the 2010 Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival

It is now over. The inaugural showcasing of the new look Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival has occurred, leaving an atmosphere overwhelmed with raving reviews from both visitors and residents about a very successful event.

Clearly the diversity and professional musical presentations from all of the bands have combined to register a very satisfying feeling among the producers and patrons. In particular the pulsating rhythmic emissions from the Lashing Dogs of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands will remain a talking point for many years to come. This does not diminish the amazing musical treat that was provided by the Old Time Jammers of Tobago and the Mamai Kweyol grouping from St. Lucia.

Added to this remarkable contingent of musically gifted Caribbean men and women were several bands from Carriacou and one from Grenada who demonstrated an equally compelling ability to generate unbroken dancing spells among both the ancestors and the wide range of visitors and locals who presumably never for one moment regretted their decision to attend the festival.

The musical wizardry of the various local and regional string bands was not the only thing that stood out prominently in Carriacou. The dancing and drumming by the Zenaida Productions and Esoteric Drummers of St. Lucia will also be cherished and remembered honourably for a long time. Also now embedded in many people’s memories are the high quality of Big Drum gyrations, chants, poetic presentations, and a mix of other dances and skits that contributed to a weekend of immense excitement and satisfaction.

The smoked food too was outstandingly tasty and delicious. The many chickens and animals that were singled out for this palatable aspect of the festival were devoured with pleasure and awe by patrons at the Bogles village on the Friday and the Belair Heritage Park on the Saturday. Consuming the rolled rice, rolled coo-coo, stewed pigeon peas, bananas and various ground provisions, as well as the wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the bars, was indeed a fitting component of the festival.

Items of craft on display were appreciated by those so inclined, and many left the various venues armed with purchased items.

The rich cultural rituals and libation activities were also made to take their rightful places within the scheme of things, as the mermaids and ancestors were fed and nourished as tradition dictates.

All in all, there is no doubt that the executive producers, sponsors, volunteers, and everyone involved in different aspects of the festival are satisfied that their time and resources were indeed committed to an event that was well appreciated and has the potential to mature to a world class level within Grenada’s Calendar of Events. Every effort should be made to have each year’s event surpass expectations so that whatever is needed for the perpetuation of this lovely innovative appeal will be sustained for many years to com

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